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Charter for a long weekend – convenience, comfort and safety

There are 13 public holidays in Poland. Therefore, it often happens that their arrangement allows you to plan a long weekend. When we have not weeks at our disposal, but only days, holidays require particularly meticulous organization. First of all, it is a waste of time commuting or waiting at the airport. Especially if you dream of a location away from large airports and main tourist attractions, charter is the best solution.

Charter in tourism

Who is a tourist charter intended for? First of all, for all passengers who are tired and irritated by the organization of flights by scheduled carriers. Inconvenient flight times, a lot of wasted time, destinations that do not suit our needs – these are the main problems of standard, commercial flights.

Charter means freedom – you choose exactly when you will fly. No more getting up in the middle of the night to get to the airport at the crack of dawn. You also decide where you will start your journey – we can pick you up straight from your home. Of course, the destination of the trip is also up to the traveler. Charter offers not only large, popular airports, but also smaller landing strips in less known corners of Europe and the world.

One-way or round-trip charter

Only with a charter you can enjoy true travel freedom. Not sure if you will like the location? Not sure how many days off you can afford? When choosing a charter, you do not have to immediately specify when you will return.

Both the departure date and the pick-up date from a specific location will be tailored exactly to your needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We guarantee a comfortable, fast and safe flight on your terms.

May long weekend 2024 – interesting destinations

May Day is just around the corner. This year, the holidays are particularly convenient, so you can have a really long weekend, and the next one will be at the end of May. Do not know where to go? Much depends on your preferences and those of the people you will be traveling with.

For city break trips, it is worth choosing an interesting European city – not necessarily the capital. Do you want to experience a real adventure? Do not act schematically. This time, instead of Paris, choose atmospheric Amiens, and instead of London – intimate Wolverhampton. When you decide to charter, you do not have to worry about the distance of the town from the airports – a small landing field is enough.

Last minute May weekend

A big problem in the case of scheduled flights is the need to declare a specific departure and return date. Meanwhile, people running a business or artistic activity are not always able to determine their availability so precisely. Once again, charter is the solution – we are able to organize your last-minute long weekend, including hotel reservations and selection of interesting attractions in the area.