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Embraer EMB-550 Praetor 600 imported for the client

Buying your own plane is a serious investment, as well as a huge responsibility. The machine must fit the budget and meet comfort requirements, but above all, it must leave no doubt as to the safety of use and compliance with national and international standards. In addition, the dream aircraft often has to be imported from another country or even from another continent. Fortunately, you can count on professional support from AMC Aviation specialists throughout the entire process of selecting and purchasing an aircraft. At the end of March this year our team received the Embraer EMB-550 Praetor 600 aircraft from the factory in Melbourne (Florida, USA).

How to buy a plane?

You need to prepare properly to purchase an aircraft, first of all by analyzing your needs and possibilities. The decision to choose a specific model should be consulted with specialists to be sure that the machine will meet its requirements.

Since the purchasing procedure is multi-stage and requires taking care of numerous details, the support of specialists will also be useful when verifying the technical and legal condition of the machine and during its transport.

Airplane transport – what does it involve?

When the customer decides to purchase a specific model and aircraft, it is up to AMC Aviation specialists to thoroughly inspect it on site, complete the necessary formalities and transport the machine to the indicated place. The entire procedure is advanced and requires specialized knowledge, but also practice in conducting inspections. Fortunately, our team consists of only the best professionals.

Receiving the machine poses many challenges. You need, among other things, adjust the maintenance program, check the status of components, verify the documentation of the aircraft manufacturer and engine manufacturer, but also physically inspect the components installed in the aircraft, verify the quality of the paint coating and make sure that the cabin standard meets the customer’s requirements.

That is not all – we also help with formal issues. In the case of the Embraer aircraft imported for the client, we registered this US-made aircraft in the Polish register of civil ships. And then we brought him safely to his new home.

Embraer EMB-550 Praetor 600 – interior and parameters

The plane in question is a real treat for aircraft fans. The Embraer EMB-550 Praetor 600 can comfortably accommodate 10 people who will safely travel on board to a destination up to 4,000 miles away.

Comfortable, foldable leather armchairs allow you to work in a sky office, relax (e.g. while watching movies), as well as comfortably eat hot meals. The plane is quiet, fast and agile. It has advanced technological solutions, such as a full glass cockpit and a flight-by-wire system.

How much does your own plane cost? Is it worth it?

The price of your own plane depends on many variables – primarily on the model, equipment and year of production, as well as on its technical condition. When deciding to purchase, it is worth considering not only the individual cost, but also the long-term benefits.

You do not know which plane to choose to maintain the optimal price-quality ratio? We will be happy to help you make this decision!

New to the AMC Aviation fleet – Beechcraft Premier 1A

A meeting called at the last minute? Crisis situation in the company? A very important personal matter? Something is happening that requires your immediate attention and you are hundreds of kilometers away from the action? You no longer have to rely on scheduled flight operators or risk financial, image or personal losses. One call is enough to be on board the Beechcraft Premier 1A aircraft in no time. This unique aircraft has just joined the AMC Aviation fleet.

Beechcraft Premier 1A – what kind of plane is it?

The modern Beechcraft Premier A1 fits perfectly with other aircraft in our fleet. It is characterized by exceptional cruising speed and the largest cabin in its class. This is a light jet designed for special tasks, which works especially well when you need really express and at the same time reliable, safe and comfortable transport over a shorter distance.

The range of the Beechcraft Premier A1 is 2,648 km, which means you can easily get from Warsaw to most European capitals. Of course, the possibilities of the plane do not end there – it is the passenger who chooses where he wants to go. It may as well be a big city or a quiet and secluded area surrounded by wild nature.

Beechcraft Premier 1A – interior

The new AMC Aviation plane can carry 6 passengers and luggage: 3 large suitcases and 2 cabin suitcases or 6 cabin suitcases. A comfortable, large cabin means exceptional flight comfort. Thanks to the club configuration, it is possible to chat freely with fellow passengers. Users can expect cold VIP catering, drinks and a well-equipped bar. There is also a lavatory available.

The Beechcraft Premier A1 aircraft that has just joined our fleet has been included in our AOC certificate. This means that it meets strict technical requirements, is constantly ready to fly, and its air and ground staff consists of outstanding specialists who pay attention to the smallest details.

Beechcraft Premier 1A – charter price

The cost of a charter flight with a Beechcraft Premier A1 aircraft depends mainly on the length of the route, as well as the take-off point and the destination. Other factors may also be taken into account, such as additional services (e.g. hotel reservation, helicopter transfer to the airport).

We would like to remind our regular customers about the possibility of using empty legs at favorable prices.

Beechcraft Premier 1A – business class aircraft

There are no poor or even average class planes in our fleet. Both passenger comfort and safety are our priority. This is why every new purchase must meet the strict requirements imposed by law and the even more stringent rules that we have imposed on ourselves.

This is what the Beechcraft Premier A1 is like. This is a premium light jet – fast, comfortable and trouble-free, ideal for business and private travel.

Gulfstream G150 – speed in the service of business

Standard business flights on scheduled aircraft are associated with a waste of time, discomfort and uncertainty. Airport procedures sometimes take longer than the flight itself. The atmosphere at a crowded airport is not conducive to concentration, and you can forget about work in the waiting area. Even in first class, it is impossible to count on an individual approach from staff busy with dozens of passengers. In addition, loss or destruction of luggage is not uncommon, especially if reaching the destination requires transfers. This is why entrepreneurs, as well as representatives of the world of showbiz, sports, politics and art, are increasingly choosing private charters. Our offer includes not only exceptionally comfortable, but also exceptionally fast planes. Among the others, there is the world’s fastest midsize business jet – the Gulfstream G150.

Gulfstream G150 – range and parameters

This comfortable plane is characterized by outstanding performance. It set the speed record for a pair of cities on the route from Tel Aviv to Geneva. Gulfstream G150 can reach 850 km/h. Combined with an impressive range of 5,556 km, this means you can quickly get to any point in Europe (and beyond). The Gulfstream G150, which is part of our fleet, was manufactured in 2009. Thanks to regular periodic and technical inspections, it remains in excellent condition and is always ready to fly.

Gulfstream G150 – interior

In addition to the speed of travel, comfort is of course also important. And the Gulstream G150 delivers it – even for the most demanding passengers. This premium business aircraft can accommodate 6 passengers who can enjoy cold VIP catering throughout the entire flight, as well as a well-stocked bar. There is also a toilet on board. The club seating configuration allows for comfortable conversations and is also suitable for work. The stewardess ensures the comfort of passengers. Passengers can take 4 large suitcases or 6 pieces of cabin luggage.

Gulfstream G150 – how much does it cost?

The cost of traveling on a Gulfstream G150 charter aircraft depends on many variables. The basic one is the distance from the starting point to the destination. Also, customers can take advantage of numerous additional options. Upon request, we will pick you up from your home or company, provide you with a comfortable car or even a helicopter that will take you to the starting point. If you wish, we will comprehensively organize your entire stay: we will choose the best hotel and book the perfect apartment, and we will take care of your leisure time entertainment. Our regular customers can also use empty legs – empty flights, during which the plane returns after disembarking passengers or flies to pick them up. They are more cost-effective and the initiative is more environmentally friendly.

Gulfstream G150 – private charter

The Gulfstream G150 aircraft is most often used by passengers who care about travel time and the highest comfort. Thanks to the VIP handling service, we can guarantee full discretion at every stage of the journey, which is especially useful when you prefer not to be noticed.

Charter flights – who should you trust?

Regardless of our personal beliefs and preferences, we live in a globalized world. This has its many advantages and perhaps equally numerous disadvantages. The facts are that the effectiveness of our actions is often determined by the pace of communication. Very often, this communication takes a virtual form – via the Internet or telephone. Sometimes, however, a business conversation, signing a contract or meeting with a potential client require personal presence. We also want to go on a longer or shorter vacation comfortably, without wasting hours and nerves at the airport. In each of these cases, the solution will be a private charter flight.

Charter flights – what does it mean in practice?

Private plane charter allows you to move comfortably from place to place. We can take off from home, from the office or from any other location (if it is impossible to land and take off the plane in a given place, a reliable operator will take care of transporting customers by car or helicopter). The flight destination also depends on our preferences – it may as well be the headquarters of a large company or the vicinity of a quiet beach on the coast of the warm sea.

The convenience of chartering also comes with speed of travel. We do not waste valuable time at airports and are not subject to airline schedules. We fly not only where we want, but also exactly when we want.

Charter – logistics of business and private flights

To provide customers with a comfortable charter flight, the organizer must have extensive logistics facilities. Of course, it is necessary to choose aircraft that are adapted to the various needs of users. Their crew should consist of outstanding specialists. Professionals must also be responsible for ground handling of aircraft – technical and periodic inspections, maintenance, and cleaning.

At AMC Aviation, we are waiting for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – also on holidays. Our fleet and employees are always ready to provide the highest quality charter services.

Private plane charter – which carrier to choose?

When choosing a carrier to organize a charter flight for you, follow a few key rules. First of all, it must be a company that has been present on the market for some time and that has won the trust of customers – you do not want to be the subject of an experiment for a new company.

Take into account the expertise of air and ground staff. Find out if the company is ready to provide additional services – will it be able to pick you up from your home? Will a hotel be booked for you? Does the carrier offer VIP handling and discreet travel in case you do not want to be noticed by unauthorized eyes?

How much does it cost to charter a passenger plane?

The cost of a charter flight depends on many factors, such as the length of the route, the selected aircraft model and the additional amenities you intend to use.

The reliable carriers inform about the total cost of the flight before the service is provided, and also offer regular customers the opportunity to use empty legs at preferential prices.

Airbus unveils CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL aircraft prototype

Airbus has unveiled the prototype of its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, CityAirbus NextGen, with a collection of stunning photos. 

The highly anticipated CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL aircraft is slated to be a gamechanger in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) world with Airbus’ vast experience in aviation and safety offering a huge advantage over competitors.  

At a special ceremony held on March 7, 2024, Airbus also announced the opening of the new CityAirbus test center in Donauwörth, Germany, which will be dedicated to testing systems for eVTOL aircraft.

The CityAirbus NextGen prototype was unveiled ahead of its planned maiden flight later this year.

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2019 Summary

2019 was a special and very busy year for AMC Aviation. We have flown 33x times around the Globe. We expanded our fleet by 4x new aircraft and 2x new helicopters. We recruited 13x new employees.

The most important events we performed in 2019

  • Embraer Legacy600 joined our fleet under the AOC.
  • Management of AMC Aviation in 🇵🇱 Forbes (May & June edition).
  • The European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition EBACE in Geneva.
  • The Russian Business Aviation Exhibition RUBAE in Moscow.
  • Gulfstream G600 static display in our hangar Warsaw Modlin (first time ever in Poland).
  • 10th anniversary of CAMO Certificate PL.MG.511 (since 07 Oct 2009).
  • 10th anniversary of MO Certificate PL.145.066 (since 16 Nov 2009).
  • AMC Aviation in 🇵🇱 magazine „Osobowości i Sukcesy” & „Skrzydlata Polska”.
  • AMC Aviation awarded as the „Luxury Brand of the Year 2019”. Luksusowa Marka Roku

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2020. May all your dreams come true. Let the celebration begin!