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New to the AMC Aviation fleet – Beechcraft Premier 1A

A meeting called at the last minute? Crisis situation in the company? A very important personal matter? Something is happening that requires your immediate attention and you are hundreds of kilometers away from the action? You no longer have to rely on scheduled flight operators or risk financial, image or personal losses. One call is enough to be on board the Beechcraft Premier 1A aircraft in no time. This unique aircraft has just joined the AMC Aviation fleet.

Beechcraft Premier 1A – what kind of plane is it?

The modern Beechcraft Premier A1 fits perfectly with other aircraft in our fleet. It is characterized by exceptional cruising speed and the largest cabin in its class. This is a light jet designed for special tasks, which works especially well when you need really express and at the same time reliable, safe and comfortable transport over a shorter distance.

The range of the Beechcraft Premier A1 is 2,648 km, which means you can easily get from Warsaw to most European capitals. Of course, the possibilities of the plane do not end there – it is the passenger who chooses where he wants to go. It may as well be a big city or a quiet and secluded area surrounded by wild nature.

Beechcraft Premier 1A – interior

The new AMC Aviation plane can carry 6 passengers and luggage: 3 large suitcases and 2 cabin suitcases or 6 cabin suitcases. A comfortable, large cabin means exceptional flight comfort. Thanks to the club configuration, it is possible to chat freely with fellow passengers. Users can expect cold VIP catering, drinks and a well-equipped bar. There is also a lavatory available.

The Beechcraft Premier A1 aircraft that has just joined our fleet has been included in our AOC certificate. This means that it meets strict technical requirements, is constantly ready to fly, and its air and ground staff consists of outstanding specialists who pay attention to the smallest details.

Beechcraft Premier 1A – charter price

The cost of a charter flight with a Beechcraft Premier A1 aircraft depends mainly on the length of the route, as well as the take-off point and the destination. Other factors may also be taken into account, such as additional services (e.g. hotel reservation, helicopter transfer to the airport).

We would like to remind our regular customers about the possibility of using empty legs at favorable prices.

Beechcraft Premier 1A – business class aircraft

There are no poor or even average class planes in our fleet. Both passenger comfort and safety are our priority. This is why every new purchase must meet the strict requirements imposed by law and the even more stringent rules that we have imposed on ourselves.

This is what the Beechcraft Premier A1 is like. This is a premium light jet – fast, comfortable and trouble-free, ideal for business and private travel.