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Air and ground services – who cares about your comfort and safety?

Every air travel should involve the comfort and safety of the passenger. A team of specialists ensures this state of affairs. It is the ground and air handling of the aircraft that largely determines whether the flight will run smoothly and in a pleasant atmosphere, and whether the additional services related to it will meet the passengers’ requirements. Check who will take care of you on and off the plane when you choose AMC Aviation services.

Passenger aircraft service

The most important person, without whom no flight could take place, is, of course, the pilot. He is the commander of the aircraft and is responsible for piloting – i.e. for steering and maneuvering the aircraft. Depending on his qualifications, the pilot can fly different machines with different numbers of passengers. AMC Aviation pilots not only have licenses allowing them to fly at the controls of passenger aircraft, but also have extensive experience – that is, a large number of flying hours.

A stewardess (or steward) boards the aircraft together with the passengers and the pilot. Her task is to ensure the comfort of flight participants. She is also the first person to turn to in case of any problems or doubts. AMC Aviation flight attendants are appreciated by passengers due to their professional and friendly approach. It is worth remembering that they are also trained to provide first aid and organize rescue operations in the event of danger.

Ground handling of the aircraft

In order for the plane to take off, professional ground crew is also needed. It is up to the technicians whether the machine will be 100% operational and ready to fly. Every day, they perform meticulous inspections to verify the technical condition of the aircraft. They perform periodic and technical inspections and deal with all necessary repairs and maintenance. They also provide assistance when purchasing a machine.

The ground crew also includes people who supervise the flight from an organizational perspective. AMC Aviation logisticians ensure the smooth movement of the machines at our disposal. Friendly and professional first contact staff are responsible for contact with the customer.

Airplane service – airport

Regardless of whether we land at a large airport or a small airport, a team of people takes care of our safety. Traffic controllers ensure collision-free takeoffs and landings and the effective management of traffic. Appropriately trained staff deals with, among others: baggage control, refueling, and airport apron and building maintenance.

Fortunately, small passenger planes can skip the queues – in the case of charter flights, all procedures are significantly simplified and passengers do not have to wait, among others, for boarding or waiting for their luggage after arrival.

VIP customer service

Additionally, AMC Aviation services include VIP customer service. It goes far beyond standard procedures.

Our clients can benefit from, among others the possibility of comprehensive planning of their trip, including booking a hotel or booking a table in a restaurant. Our employees will pick you up from your home or company at a chosen time, take care of your luggage and transport you to the airport using a comfortable car or helicopter. We will make sure that everything is perfect.