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Contraindications to flying on a scheduled plane

In the era of globalization and easy business, political, cultural and private contacts with people in different parts of the world, air travel is often indispensable. Airplane is the fastest and often the most comfortable and safest mean of transport. However, this does not mean that it is intended for all users without exception. There are a number of contraindications to flight. Interestingly, some of them apply only to scheduled flights and not to private charters.

What are the contraindications to flying by plane?

Contraindications to flight can be divided into several categories. The first of them are various types of diseases and other physical conditions in which reaching a certain height becomes dangerous to health. However, even people who do not suffer from any ailments cannot always use the plane freely – the second category of contraindications are those of a mental and emotional nature.

Perhaps the most common contraindication, however, concerns discomfort. Certain airport procedures are unacceptable to some potential airline customers. Once again, the solution is to use charter flights.

Airplane flight – health contraindications

Health problems are the type of contraindications to flight that are the most difficult to deal with. Certain conditions simply pose too much risk. This is mainly about the tendency to develop blood clots – the risk increases with altitude. People who have recently had a heart attack or stroke or suffer from serious chronic diseases, especially those of the respiratory and circulatory systems, should also postpone the trip. Flights are also not recommended for women in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Importantly, very often a charter plane is the only means of transport for people fighting for their lives – in this case, the potential benefits outweigh the risk.

Airplane flight – psychological contraindications

Some people still experience aviophobia, i.e. the fear of flying. It is a fear that cannot be rationally explained or justified. Certainly, such people should not use scheduled aircraft, where they cannot count on adequate care on board. However, it is possible to tame fear with the assistance of qualified staff on board a charter plane.

For the safety of themselves, other passengers and aircraft staff, every flight should be seriously considered by people suffering from active mental illnesses, especially if they have a tendency to psychosis or a distorted perception of reality.

Fast airplane flights

Nowadays, the main contraindication to scheduled flights is not health or anxiety, but the reluctance to undergo airport procedures. Queues are irritating and tiring, baggage inspection and personal inspection are not pleasant. There is also a whole list of restrictions that may be justified from the mass point of view, but certainly not for an individual passenger (e.g. a ban on transporting animals on board, a ban on taking certain items).

Professional charter flights – both business and private – are recommended to all people who want to get to their destination quickly and comfortably, and with their pet on their lap.