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Embraer EMB-550 Praetor 600 imported for the client

Buying your own plane is a serious investment, as well as a huge responsibility. The machine must fit the budget and meet comfort requirements, but above all, it must leave no doubt as to the safety of use and compliance with national and international standards. In addition, the dream aircraft often has to be imported from another country or even from another continent. Fortunately, you can count on professional support from AMC Aviation specialists throughout the entire process of selecting and purchasing an aircraft. At the end of March this year our team received the Embraer EMB-550 Praetor 600 aircraft from the factory in Melbourne (Florida, USA).

How to buy a plane?

You need to prepare properly to purchase an aircraft, first of all by analyzing your needs and possibilities. The decision to choose a specific model should be consulted with specialists to be sure that the machine will meet its requirements.

Since the purchasing procedure is multi-stage and requires taking care of numerous details, the support of specialists will also be useful when verifying the technical and legal condition of the machine and during its transport.

Airplane transport – what does it involve?

When the customer decides to purchase a specific model and aircraft, it is up to AMC Aviation specialists to thoroughly inspect it on site, complete the necessary formalities and transport the machine to the indicated place. The entire procedure is advanced and requires specialized knowledge, but also practice in conducting inspections. Fortunately, our team consists of only the best professionals.

Receiving the machine poses many challenges. You need, among other things, adjust the maintenance program, check the status of components, verify the documentation of the aircraft manufacturer and engine manufacturer, but also physically inspect the components installed in the aircraft, verify the quality of the paint coating and make sure that the cabin standard meets the customer’s requirements.

That is not all – we also help with formal issues. In the case of the Embraer aircraft imported for the client, we registered this US-made aircraft in the Polish register of civil ships. And then we brought him safely to his new home.

Embraer EMB-550 Praetor 600 – interior and parameters

The plane in question is a real treat for aircraft fans. The Embraer EMB-550 Praetor 600 can comfortably accommodate 10 people who will safely travel on board to a destination up to 4,000 miles away.

Comfortable, foldable leather armchairs allow you to work in a sky office, relax (e.g. while watching movies), as well as comfortably eat hot meals. The plane is quiet, fast and agile. It has advanced technological solutions, such as a full glass cockpit and a flight-by-wire system.

How much does your own plane cost? Is it worth it?

The price of your own plane depends on many variables – primarily on the model, equipment and year of production, as well as on its technical condition. When deciding to purchase, it is worth considering not only the individual cost, but also the long-term benefits.

You do not know which plane to choose to maintain the optimal price-quality ratio? We will be happy to help you make this decision!