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Why is it worth using the private flight charter service?

Today, communication is crucial both in running a business and in everyday life. Not all matters can be dealt with online, nor do we always want to deprive ourselves of the opportunity to meet in person or see interesting areas. The fastest and most effective means of transport is, of course, by plane. You do not like the atmosphere of a large airport? Are you irritated by airport procedures and long waiting times for the next stages of your journey? Do you care about an individual approach and tailoring the service precisely to your needs? If so, private charters are just for you!

Private plane charter – what does it involve?

In general, plane charter is a non-scheduled connection, performed, for example, at the request of a travel agency. Such a charter trip is usually taken by tourists staying in one or more hotels in the area. Flights take place during the change of tour.

Private charter is a completely different class of service. In is the customers who chooses when and where they want to fly and who to take on board. Small jets operating private charter flights are comfortable machines with numerous amenities on board.

Private plane charter – in what situations is it the best solution?

Taking a private charter flight is the best solution in many situations. A small jet can land not only in a large airport, but also on a small landing field adapted for this purpose. This significantly increases the possibility of choosing destinations – we can fly not only to metropolises, but also to small towns beyond the reach of airlines.

Private charter is also recommended when time is of the essence. You no longer have to undergo long-hour procedures or wait for a transfer. Additionally, it is an extremely comfortable solution. Even business or VIP class on a scheduled plane cannot compare to the amenities available on board a private jet.

Who are private plane charters for?

Private charter can be used by all people who care about high quality travel, its safety, speed, as well as extensive possibilities of adapting the service to individual needs.

Representatives of the business world fly on private jets to effectively conduct conversations, establish relationships or agree on transaction details. It is also an ideal solution for sports stars, showbiz stars or anyone else who wants to travel incognito. At the same time, it is hard to imagine a more convenient way to get to a family vacation or a city break with friends – a private jet will take you exactly where you want and at the time you choose.

Private plane charter – price

The price of a private charter flight depends on many variables, including: distance, date, machine parameters or selected additional options. At AMC Aviation, we offer our regular customers the opportunity to take advantage of extremely profitable empty legs flights.

If you fly really often, it may be even more beneficial to buy your own plane, with which we will also help.