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Pandemic, war, terrorists – how to fly safely in difficult times?

People who often go on private and business trips by air are rightly concerned about their safety. Despite the precautions taken at airports, the risks cannot be fully eliminated. They result from the technical conditions of aircraft, airport infrastructure, as well as the motives of individual passengers or organized groups using human health and life as a bargaining chip. Fortunately, there is an alternative – using private charters.

Aviation hazards – is there anything to be afraid of?

Unfortunately, the catalog of threats that passengers of regular airlines have to face is very extensive. Most often, they result from human error – due to the multitude of duties, one of the employees forgets to verify the condition of all components before the flight, or a person carrying a dangerous item slips through the inspection screen.
Moreover, procedures carried out in good faith are extremely burdensome for passengers. Check-in, personal inspection, baggage inspection – all this significantly lengthens the journey and may also lead to very unpleasant situations.

Is the plane safe?

As many as 30% of Polish society admits that they feel afraid of flying. Importantly, this fear does not always disappear with subsequent trips, and sometimes even intensifies under the influence of stressful experiences.
Meanwhile, compared to land travel, air travel is the safest today. Accidents are extremely rare, especially considering the number of people who die on the roads every day. Therefore, the fear of flying is not justified by statistics.

Safe flying – when is it possible?

For a truly safe flight, many variables must be taken into account. First of all, the technical condition of the plane cannot raise the slightest doubt. The professionalism and experience of the staff are also important.
A serious group of threats are those resulting from human activities. Terrorist and even cyberterrorist attacks can endanger aircraft passengers or destabilize airport operations for many hours. This is why the safest way to travel by air is to use private carriers that offer charter flights on small jets.

Why are private charter flights the safest?

The planes in our fleet undergo regular, extremely detailed inspections. We are absolutely certain that their technical condition does not raise any doubts. We employ only outstanding specialists – both in ground service positions and on-board staff.
The terrorist threat on private flights is practically non-existent – you decide who you take on board. A small plane also has much fewer requirements when it comes to the landing site, so in the event of a sudden deterioration of weather, it can take advantage of the first opportunity to interrupt the flight, without having to go to a large airport. Private carriers will be able to fulfill orders much more easily and effectively, even in difficult times (e.g. a pandemic) or in a complicated geopolitical situation (e.g. a flight over war zones).