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Comfortable seats, tasty food, conference space – what awaits you on board a private plane?

Air travel is everyday life today. We undertake them both in our private and professional lives. Distant corners of the world encourage you to visit them during your holidays, foreign contractors invite you to visit them in order to personally agree on the terms of cooperation. Unfortunately, even the biggest fan of air transport can be discouraged by the atmosphere at the airport. Is it possible to somehow escape from the crowds, constant delays and not always polite fellow passengers? Of course, the best way to travel comfortably is to choose a carrier that offers private flights.

A private jet – how is it better than a regular one?

Most air travel takes place on board jet aircraft. These are machines powered by jet engines, the principle of operation of which is based on generating a thrust force aimed in the direction opposite to the direction of movement.

This allows you to achieve high speeds – but this is not the only advantage of private jets.

Private plane – premium flight

Private charter flights operated by AMC Aviation take place on board comfortable machines. Depending on the model, they can take from several to a dozen or so passengers, along with luggage and pets. Passengers can enjoy catering in the form of hot and cold meals and a well-equipped bar.

The layout of the cabin allows for conversations between passengers, conferences, entertainment (e.g. watching movies), but also for rest – some of the seats fold out into a comfortable sofa. There is also a toilet available for passengers.

A stewardess watches over the comfort and safety of passengers. Only experienced pilots are at the helm of the machines in our fleet, ready to operate domestic, international and intercontinental connections.

Private plane – rental

Renting a private plane means the highest travel comfort for both you and your travel companions. You decide where and with whom you go – and we will make sure that the flight is pleasant and safe.

However, by using the services of AMC Aviation, you can gain much more, including comprehensive planning of the entire trip. We will provide transport from the house to the airport and from the airport to the selected destination. Do you have some specific needs? Tell us about them – we are experts in tailor-made services.

Private plane – purchase

If you travel many times a year, purchasing your own plane may be a good solution. You do not have to be an expert – we will help you make the best choice.

We offer support in selecting the model and aircraft that will best meet your expectations. We will perform a detailed technical inspection and deliver the aircraft to the indicated location – we recommend using our professional hangars and professional ground staff. We will help you recruit and train the crew responsible for operating your aircraft.

You can entrust us with handling all formal issues necessary for the operation of the aircraft. At the customer’s request, we also offer assistance in financing and leasing. We can also add the aircraft to our AOC, which significantly reduces the cost of operating it by making it available for our charter services.